General information about Galissas

7km from Ermoypoli and 5km from Kini on the southwestern part of the island is Galissas, the biggest village of Syros. In Galissas, you will find everything. Restaurants, taverns, cafes, car rental, rented apartments, hotels, mini markets, rent a car and everything that can make your vacation even better.

Passing by the quiet hamlet of Danakos you will reach Galissas by bus, car or your rented car in about 20 minutes.

At the beginning, it does not cause such a great impression to the visitor.

It was an ancient settlement that was inhabited and fortified up the hill of St. Pakou, between the 8th-7th century BC. Dilute homes thicken, as we approach and show the village, which is situated at the base of the hill Argefto. At the top of the hill one can still see the ruins of a tower of the 4th century which served as a lookout area and warned of possible hostile intrusions. In the middle of the village stands the Catholic church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, built in 1892.

Initial impressions are changing radically while descending towards the beach.

Galissas was once a quiet and ideal place for alternative holidays. Today it is the most touristic resort of the island, with hotels and resorts, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, rent a car, water sports and nightlife. The sea, trapped by the large secluded bay with its beautiful beach, has a strong deep blue color.

Climbing the hill of St. Pakou, you can see the chapel and get off the trail in the picturesque seaside of Armeos. Archaeologist and explorer Chris Tsountas found in St. Pakou the traces of a very old citadel, whose graves stretched to the south. In the Archaeological Museum of Athens there are exhibited elegant vases from the surrounding area of Galissa.

A ten-minute boat ride takes you to a unique landscape, with the small chapel of St. Stephen situated at the entrance of a cave by the sea. On Saint’s day a feast takes place concentrating many people reaching the place by boat or on foot from one point onwards.



Beautiful beach, it is the largest of the island, near the homonymous village, with trees, chairs, umbrellas and water sports. Once, the beach was ideal for holidays, but now it is busy and noisy, as it attracts the majority of tourists staying in the hotels and resorts of the island.


To the left of Galissas bay and under Agia Pakou is the beach of Armeos. A short pleasant stroll will lead you in the serene and picturesque cove Armeos, with its blue waters, main preference of the nudists