General information about Manna

Manna village is built along the public road on the route of Hermoupolis – Vari. It covers a distance of 2 kilometers, it is located to the south of Syros and immediately begins where the capital ends. On the right side extends the plain of the region “Livadia” as the locals call it, an area used for growing early vegetables, and where there are also several vineyards. The vegetation is not lacking even from the houses that are separated from the meadows in two: Ano and Kato Manna. In Kato Manna many commercial and other businesses are developed, while in Ano Manna impressive are the flower gardens of the houses with bokamvilias, hibiscus and other flowers. In the center of the village, a left detour leads to the areas Kouroupi and Rosia, where the airport of Syros is located.