The island is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, just 80 nautical miles from Piraeus. Its place, almost in the center of the Cyclades, makes it easily accessible from everywhere and in many ways.

From the Greek mainland

The easiest way to reach the island of Syros from the mainland is via Piraeus Port.

The trip via ferry from Piraeus to Syros takes about four hours, while by speedboat it lasts approximately two and a half hours. Syros is the first port for all ships, whatever their itinerary might be. There are all the time departures from Piraeus to Syros. There is an early morning departure at 07:30 and an afternoon one. The afternoon departures are every Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 19:00 and every Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday at 17:30. Ships to Syros usually depart from gate E7. Only afternoon ships on Monday, Wednesday and Friday depart from gate E1. During the summer months, there are more routes but in order to be well informed, it is advisable to consult the appropriate page of our website services. If you wish, you can plan your trip by booking your ferry tickets to Syros and return from our automatic ferry tickets’ booking website.

From Lavrio there are also some departures to Syros. It is usually three times a week and the time duration of the trip is about five hours.

Syros can also be reached by plane from the Athens Airport «Eleftherios Venizelos». There are daily flights from Athens to Syros, but it is advisable to consult our automatic air tickets’ bookings and services from our website, for the exact hours of departure. The flight takes only 25 minutes and the fare is very cheap, if you care to book one month before your trip. Otherwise, the tickets’ cost can become expensive, the later you reserve it. The online system is fully updated with the current prices, as well as the relevant offers and discounts of all airline companies.

From the islands

Syros island, being the capital and second largest city of the Cyclades’ South Aegean region, is privileged to have regular ferry connections with almost all the islands of the southern Aegean. To this helps its position, as it is located in the heart of the Aegean.

From the Cyclades, Syros can be reached daily. This is due to the fact that apart from the passing boats from Piraeus to Syros, local itineraries depart in the morning from the port of Syros to the other Cycladic islands and return in the evening, where they remain overnight.

From the Dodecanese, there is boat connection three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

From Crete, someone can reach Syros only during the summer months, from April through September, via Mykonos. There is a daily morning departing speedboat from the port of Heraklion to Mykonos and from there you can catch any afternoon departure for the island of Syros.

From Abroad

Although Syros has an airport, it is not international, so there are daily flights, but only to Athens. Therefore, in order for someone to reach Syros from abroad, there are two ways.

The first way is via Athens. You can fly to Athens and then continue your journey by air to Syros or take the ferry from Piraeus. If you choose to come to Syros by ferry from Piraeus, it is very easy, as from Athens airport there are trains and express buses to the port of Piraeus. The journey takes about 50 minutes. On reaching Piraeus, will get very close to the gate from where boats depart for the island of Syros. You can book your ferry tickets to Syros and to any other destination by our automatic ferry ticket booking website. In this way, you will save time and hassle, as you can direct straight to the vessel’s departure gate.

The second way is via Mykonos Island. In recent years, many are the airlines that fly from abroad with direct flights to Mykonos. These flights are daily, regular and low cost and are performed for about 8 months a year from April to October, becoming denser from June to September. From Mykonos, Syros is just one hour and fifteen minutes by ferry. This means that the ticket price is low, which in combination with the low fares of low cost airline companies that fly to Mykonos, make the way to reach Syros very attractive. Moreover, the transfer from the airport to the port of Mykonos is very simple, taking only 10 minutes and by even avoiding the bustle and chaos of the capital. The ferry from Mykonos to Syros departs everyday at 14:15. During the summer months there are extra services to and from Syros, but it is advisable to consult the appropriate page of our website services for further information. If you wish, you can plan your trip by booking your ferry tickets to Syros and return, from our automatic ferry tickets’ booking website.