The 1st Gymnasium

The 1st Gymnasium of Syros is a frugal neoclassical building built in 1833, when Syros obtained the first gymnasium of modern Greece. The first high school of Hermoupolis is considered to be one of the greatest chapters in the recent history of Greek education. On June 18th, 1881 the High School of Syros gave the baccalaureate to one of his students, who later changed the history of Greece: Eleftherios Venizelos. From the same benches of this historic school (the first in Greece) graduated the national benefactor Andreas Syggros, the great teacher of sculpture Giannoulis Halepas and the “father of Greek seascape painting” Constantine Volonakis, but also the Professor, of the Faculty of Law in the University of Athens Kostas Beis, the great local poet Manos Eleftheriou and many others. The function of the school stopped only for a year, during the Second World War, because of the fear of bombing.